This area of the law deals with the needs of the family throughout all stages of  life.  As the court assigns all family law cases to the same judge, all of your family law needs can be met by our firm.

Relative Adoptions
Step-parent Adoptions
Adult Adoptions
Petitions to Identify Father and Determine or Terminate His Rights
Motions Regarding Placement (Section 45 Hearings)

Motions to Determine Identity of Biological Father (Seraphin Hearings)
Affidavits of Parentage (Acknowledge of Parentage Act)
Notice of Intent to Claim Paternity
Orders of Filiation (Claims under the Paternity Act)
Acknowledgment under the Adoption Code

Guardian and Conservatorships
Parental Delegations of Authority
Minor Guardianships
Guardianships for Incapacitated Individuals                               
Conservatorships (deals with individuals property and money)

Divorce and Custody
Child support
Parenting time
Change of domicile

Marital Agreements
Pre-Marital Agreements
Post-Marital Agreements


Attorney: Brian C. Sauer and Whitney E. Hadanek