The protection of one’s property during and after their life, should be addressed by every person.  Through the planning of one’s estate to the administration after one’s death, our firm can ensure your needs are met.

Estate Planning
Wills (simple and pourover)
Trusts (special needs)
Powers of Attorney (disability)

Probate Avoidance
Trusts (revocable, irrevocable, spendthrift)
Transfer on Death Designations
Jointly Held Property
Beneficiary Designations

Guardian and Conservatorships
Parental Delegations of Authority
Minor Guardianships
Guardianships for Incapacitated Individuals                             
Conservatorships (deals with individuals property and money)

Marital Agreements
Pre-Marital Agreements
Post-Marital Agreements

Estate Administration
Probate of Wills
Trust Administration
Preparation of Estate Tax Returns

Annual Exclusion Gifts
Lump Sump Gifts

Attorneys: Jonathan B. Sauer
Brian C. Sauer